Hands-on with Wreckfest: great racing game, about Game, information

Wreckfest, which spent years in Steam’s Early Access programme before being launched on PC in 2018, is now accessible on mobile devices. For those who are unfamiliar, the game is a soft-body demolition derby racer. It is the logical continuation of the demolition video games from the 2000s, and despite some obvious graphics flaws, the gameplay is utterly delightful.

execution and controls

I turned up the game’s graphics to their maximum setting and tweaked my ROG 6 to maximise performance for testing reasons. Unfortunately, even lowering some of the settings halfway through, my FPS varied dramatically during playtime.

Later, I locked the FPS at 30, which improved the situation. But it’s sad that no matter the hardware, a stable 60FPS cannot be achieved. In addition, during all of my races, I had jerky graphics and shadows. There was no way to stop this from being so distracting, no matter how many options I changed.

Gameplay and game modes

Wreckfest on mobile is nearly identical to its console and PC counterparts, with the exception of the unavoidable graphic compromises. The same tournament modes are available, and offline custom games can be made. Multiplayer is also available, but only local play is supported. The gameplay is the same aside from this one exception.

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